Incoming calls often ring with the promise of business. “ConVox Receptionist” helps you translate that promise into business. It not only helps you handle each incoming call effectively, but also puts valuable data at your disposal for monitoring and improving business processes

  • You get a virtual number for your business. Calls on this virtual number is
    handled by our intelligent call routing platform.
  • You get a login in the web portal, where you can access all the data
    pertaining to your calls.
  • You get an SMS alert for your missed/ abandoned calls. This data is also
    available through portal login.

Technology Advantage

  • Quick and Easy setup.
  • Avoid expensive hardware like PBX and telecom lines at your office premises.
  • Answer your customer calls based on time of the day and day of the week.
  • Special greeting for festivals or special occasions.
  • Auto attendant creates a professional image for your company.
  • No receptionist is required to connect your calls.
  • Transfer your calls to the right person without any manual intervention.
  • Automatically creates database from calls.
  • Single point of contact to your business.


ConVox Express IVRS

Are You Looking for an IVR application which

  • Answers Your Customer’s Call 24X7
  • Give Information on call in Multiple Languages
  • Forward calls to any number on selection
  • Design your own call flow & Change it any time
  • Record / create voice prompts through Phone Call
  • Get Online Reports of calls in Real Time

How It Works 

What You Get?

Interactive voice response (IVR):  Callers hear a recorded message and can select which department to talk to,using their telephone keypad.

Hosted Online Management :Login to setup or amend any aspect of the solution, changes made are implemented instantly.

Time of day routing : Control routing options by time of day, set up where calls divert during and outside of office hours.

Call Record : Record inbound calls and have them saved on our network server

Music on hold : Pre-recorded music and apology announcements that callers hear whilst on hold.

Mid-Call transfer : Transfer calls between departments without using extra phone lines.

Call Queue : View and manage call queue levels with built in volume alerts

Out of hours routing : Choose an alternate number to divert calls outside of working hours


  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Replace Legacy IVR Systems
  • Increase Capacity, Reduce Staff
  • Improve Caller Usage and Retention
  • Simplify Integration via Web Services
  • Focus on your core business
  • Gain real-time visibility for monitoring and reporting
  • Pay-per-use billing structure
  • No dedicated development or maintenance personnel
  • No ongoing telecom overhead or long distance costs
  • Automate Common Calls Quickly

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