ConVox Express IVRS


Looking for a IVR application which

  • Answer Your Customer’s Call 24X7
  • Give Information on call in Multiple Languages
  • Forward calls to any number on selection
  • Design your own call flow &Change it any time
  • Record / create voice prompts through Phone Call
  • Get Online Reports of calls in Real Time

What You Get With ConVox Expres IVRS 

Interactive voice response (IVR):  Callers hear a recorded message and can select which department to talk to,using their telephone keypad.

Hosted Online Management :Login to setup or amend any aspect of the solution, changes made are implemented instantly.

Time of day routing : Control routing options by time of day, set up where calls divert during and outside of office hours.

Call Record : Record inbound calls and have them saved on our network server

Music on hold : Pre-recorded music and apology announcements that callers hear whilst on hold.

Mid-Call transfer : Transfer calls between departments without using extra phone lines.

Call Queue : View and manage call queue levels with built in volume alerts

Out of hours routing : Choose an alternate number to divert calls outside of working hours



  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Replace Legacy IVR Systems
  • Increase Capacity, Reduce Staff
  • Improve Caller Usage and Retention
  • Simplify Integration via Web Services
  • Focus on your core business
  • Gain real-time visibility for monitoring and reporting
  • Pay-per-use billing structure
  • No dedicated development or maintenance personnel
  • No ongoing telecom overhead or long distance costs
  • Automate Common Calls Quickly

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