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ConVox Call center software presents a versatile platform for Call Center Software.

ConVox can be used for domestic call center software (Analog/ ISDN trunk lines) and international call center software services (SIP trunks). ConVox redefines the way a traditional call center works with the effective use of VoIP technology. Users get all the advanced feature of call center and much more for a much lower price than traditional call centers. With completely web based management clients can operate your call center from anywhere across the globe. Reports can be customized to any extent to exactly match the client requirement. ConVox CCS is the best call center software for all call center requirements.

We provide

  • Inbound Call Center Software Solutions
  • Outbound Call Center Software Solutions
  • Blended Call Center Software Solutions
  • Hosted Contact Center Software Solutions


Contact Center Software Solutions for Inbound Call Centers

Features of Inbound Call Center Software Solutions

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – ACD Call Center Software helps the inbound call centers by picking  and choosing the most suitable agent for a particular caller based depending on their past complexity of problem, calling history, agent’s skill etc. This helps with customers to get the right service in proper time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVRS) – Automated Interactive Voice Response will help the callers to choose the the service they are looking for, including language selection option while being guided through various prerecorded voice prompts.

CRM Integration: Depending on the requirement, CRM can be customizable and can be integrated with the call center. Third party CRM’s like sales force etc can  be integrated.

Call Recording : Call recording of all voice calls can be recorded and saved in the server.

Live Call Monitoring : Allows you to listen to the calls taking place in your call center. But with live monitoring, you can listen to these calls in real time .


  • Caller ID Routing for Privileged customers
  • Call Routing to Scheduler, Voice Mail, External Number and to IVR
  • Call Queuing, Queue waiting message, Queue Overflow
  • Call Holding, Incoming Call Beep, Call Conference, Call Transfer, Call Barge-in
  • DID (Called Number) wise routing to process
  • Call Queuing and Call waiting


Call Center Software Solutions for Outbound Call centers

Outbound call center solutions

Features of Outbound Call center Software Solutions

Dialers : Outbound Call Center can be configured for preview and predictive outbound dialing mode.

Preview Dialer : In preview dialer agent can see the details of the caller  and It is up to the agent to decide on when to make the call and they may also be able to skip the call.

Predictive Dialer : A predictive dialer is an outbound calling system that automatically dials from the database. Predictive dialer increases the number of calls handled by an agent.

Lead List Management : Multiple lists can be uploaded for single process. Real time status of leads can be viewed.

Call Recording : Call recording of all voice calls can be recorded and saved in the server.

Lead Re-Attempts

CRM Integration

Language Based Routing

Real-Time Dashboards & Reports


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